Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'm back...did anyone even notice I was missing?

Well, after a 5 year layoff and not one person even noticing I had not blogged, it felt like the time was right to get back to it. Hello again world. So what has changed? Quite a bit actually. We will get to that in a minute. For now, lets focus on what hasn't. I still have the best wife on this beautiful blue marble, together we have four amazing kids and a great poodle named Bella. Other than that, LOTS of changes.

Allison and I are just about to celebrate our 23rd anniversary next month. Our oldest daughter is going to Hillsong Leadership school in Sydney, Australia. Our other daughter is a senior in high school. Our oldest son is in middle school and the "baby" is in his last year of elementary school. So yes, you read correctly...we have a child in every stage. College, High School, Middle School and Elementary School. Come to think of it, I don't know anyone else who can say this, but I am sure they are out there. If that is you, let me know.

With this type of super exciting blog info we may just break the internet with the high traffic. But we better not, Al Gore may not like that. (Google that if you didn't get it). Not a ton to share on this initial post, just getting my fingers stretched out for the next one. Truthfully, I just happened to remember my password and thought hey, why not fire this up. Over the coming weeks and months we can post more specifics but there have been quite a few changes since we last hit publish on this site. For starters most of my kids are taller than my wife. Oh and we're planting a church. We've known this was coming for years but the way it's unfolding is going to be really special. Great news, it's not a cut and paste of what most church's do today. It will be very different and focus on what I believe to be God's greatest love, his family. We can dive into those details at at a later time but for now just go visit the new website. Click Here. Until next time.....Go #Steelers


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