Monday, December 20, 2010

What’s in your hand?

Is their anything worse than having a great idea, or several, and not having the resources to make it happen? When a good idea comes to light and we are not able to immediately put it into action we can often take what was a good idea and turn negative. I’m not talking about all idea’s here; I’m talking about the ones that require some vision and faith.

It’s not a secret that as the economy has contracted as have the budgets. Projects, both large and small, have all been impacted.

What has been extraordinarily refreshing is how many organizations have really stepped up and used resources (not money) that they’ve had all along. I’m talking about people.

Recently, I approached some people with some very basic ideas and before the first sentence could be completed the excuses about LACK came at me faster than anything that I’ve ever experienced in my life. “We don’t” was the focus of the conversation coming back to me. It was shocking to hear the defeatist attitude. Trust me money is valuable but there is more to success than just throwing money at things.
I have heard this on several occasions and it’s a classic, “We will always have more vision than resources”. Think about that for a minute…. this is very logical. Who wants to be so engrossed in the now that there is no room to grow and dream?

So my question is this…What’s in your hand? Are the resources you need already in front of you? Double check and you might just find that what you have been in need of, has already been provided.